Fern Leaves

Welcome Wild Woman,

my name is Erica. 


I've found a recipe for joyful, radiant, and responsible living

and I want to share it with you. 

Free birthing my son, in total sovereignty and power, woke up a fiercely wild woman inside me.  I catapulted myself through this rite of passage and emerged a radical feminist, with a willingness and urgency to pass on the truth to my communities.  The truth of simple, physiological birth, the simple truth of astrology, the human mind, relationships, manifestation, spirituality, yoga, and beyond.

With both my sun and mercury in Gemini, my greatest gift is communication and teaching.  I've been teaching since I was a little girl, professionally for the last 15.  

Let me teach you what I know.  What I've learned and am in the process of learning.  I teach about connection and transformation to any women who is ready to step into her role as as the Wild Woman.  As a Witch.  As the powerhouse divine creatrix that she's destined to be.

I teach the truth. 

And the truth is immutable, unchangeable, everlasting. 

And the truth is...


You are powerful beyond your wildest dreams


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