Coaching Packages

1:1 Coaching and Birth Education Courses

1:1 Leadership Coaching

Radical Responsibility:

Learning the Tools

6 Sessions / $750


Learn how to take radical responsibility in your life through transformative tools, speaking inarguably, processing your feelings and ultimately moving out of a 'to me' consciousness and into a 'by me' frame of mind.

You will learn about the drama triangle, how to get off of it and discover taking 100% responsibility, not more and not less, of your entire life.

We'll meet twice a month for 3 consecutive months.  Each session is 90 minutes long over zoom.

Preparing for your Firewalk: Pregnancy Fear Release Sessions

6 sessions / $800

Fear can derail even the most full proof birth plan.  You know you need to untangle, process and shift your fears around your upcoming birth.  Whether it's past trauma that needs to be dealt with or getting your partner on board or setting boundaries with family, I can help you transmute your fears into your own personal power.  Through a wealth of birth wisdom, support and transformative coaching tools you will feel prepared and ready for your dream birth.

We'll meet twice for each of your trimesters.  Each session is 90 minutes long. 

In person in Perth or on zoom.

Birth Trauma

Recovery Transformation

3 sessions / $250

 I offer a non judgemental, open and loving space to tell your story.  I'm a listening ear for you to untangle the abuse you experienced, the lies you were told and the ongoing narrative of 'at least you and your baby are alive and healthy'.


  When you know there's something more to be said and felt with your birth story, I'm here to help you transmute your pain into power. 

We'll meet at least three times together, each session lasting an hour.  First for you to tell your story, next to process all your feelings, and get curious about your role. The final session for setting boundaries, speaking inarguably, and how to lovingly and honestly speak to your child about their birth.

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